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I met with 3 photographers before choosing Todd Baugh Photography. I had a really difficult time choosing because there were things I liked about all 3. But ever since I made the decision to go with Todd and Cassandra, I have not regretted it for a second.

Todd really worked with me on my vision for wedding photography. I had done a good bit or research into the style of photography I was looking for and the types of "non-traditional" photos I wanted. I printed of a number of pictures, and he really looked at every single one of them ( I want to point out that he was the only one of the three that even looked at my insiration page). Additionally, we wanted a TON of formal pictures post-ceremony, pre-reception. Todd made sure we got every single picture I wanted and even wrangled our 100+ guests into a foyer to get a large group photo. It was quite impressive.

But I think the time I enjoyed the most with them was during my bridal shoot. (largely because I hardly knew they were there come wedding day). We ended up taking pictures for nearly double the time we planned because we were having so much fun just being together. Todd and Cassandra are really down to earth and easy to connect with. And Todd is always looking for input on what brides want, what the new trends are, and what specifically you just can't live without when you think of your wedding photos.

Another thing I love about these guys is that they allow themselves to get personally invested in you. I started this journey looking for vendors to help capture the beauty of my wedding day, and I came away with friends who I am so happy to have shared my special day with. In my opinion, it doesn't get better than that. Thanks again for everything Todd and Cassandra!

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